Jewish whistleblower: Starmer is as bad as Netanyahu – and shows ‘brutal disregard’ for women

‘Proud Zionist’ Elaina Cohen says Starmer ‘crushing spirit of socialism’ and his ‘mission’ claim shows lack of concern for people

On Saturday, Labour party pro-Israel hardliner Margaret Hodge wrote in the Guardian that Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu’s ‘deeply anti-democratic’ plan to put his government above the law and the country’s judicial system is destroying the independence of the judiciary. The plan would mean that the government can overturn decisions even of the Supreme Court with a simple majority in a parliamentary vote.

Hodge also, rightly, described Netanyahu’s government as an ‘extreme rightwing’ regime.

Whistleblower Elaina Cohen was a parliamentary staffer working for right-wing Labour MP Khalid Mahmood – until Mahmood sacked her after she blew the whistle on ‘sadistic’ and ‘criminal’ abuse and exploitation of vulnerable domestic violence victims by Mahmood’s lover, who also worked for him.

Cohen repeatedly informed Keir Starmer and Labour general secretary David Evans – and the pair covered up the situation and did nothing, leaving Mahmood a Labour front-bencher until he decided for his own reasons to step down – and still took no action even when Mahmood and his legal team did not challenge the evidence presented by one of the victims under oath.

And now, Cohen – who describes herself as a ‘proud Zionist’ – has compared Starmer unfavourably to Netanyahu, saying that Starmer is just as determined to usurp legal principles and crush democracy as the ‘extreme rightwing’ Netanyahu – and adds to that mix a ‘brutal disregard’ for women. She told Skwawkbox:

Margaret Hodge is concerned along with many Zionists like myself , that the Netanyahu mission driven policy and juggernaut style of leadership has brought Israel to a dangerous point.

But I believe we are witnessing the same ‘mission driven’ obsession from Keir Starmer. If you are ‘mission driven’, people’s wellbeing is unimportant compared to the end. He is crushing the very spirit of socialism and comradeship on which the Labour Party was founded and he is treating legal principles and Labour’s rules with contempt to do it.

I have been personally blindsided by his brutal disregard for women who were victims of violence by a Labour member and I’ve felt his iron grip of the candidate selection process where any dissent is unwelcome.

I hope the British people are not in for the same treatment after the next election as Israelis .

Last month, Elaina Cohen was blocked from standing for Labour because she had blown the whistle to protect the women – and told this would bring the party into disrepute.

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