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Labour recruiting regional organisers – declared ‘redundant’ during pandemic

Contempt for party staff laid bare as party reveals it abused left-wing organisers in ‘constructive dismissal’ while saying their positions were no longer needed

The Labour party is recruiting twenty regional organisers on the parliamentary jobs website, saying they are needed:

at the forefront of the next General Election campaign, supporting constituency parties and regional offices with the essential work of campaign planning and delivery.

But Labour had a full and already-trained team of regional organisers. To justified condemnation the party made them all ‘redundant’ in 2021 at the height of the pandemic – and ‘redundant’ is supposed to mean the positions are no longer needed, not that the workers in them are unwanted.

Now Labour is looking for what it claims are essential workers to be ‘at the forefront’ of its campaigning – effectively an admission that those it made ‘redundant’ were in fact sacked in a case of constructive dismissal because their faces didn’t fit with the Starmer-Evans plan for the homogenised toxic blancmange they want on Labour’s parliamentary benches and its back offices.

And the ad contains a strong hint that it wants people from business, to minimise the chances of any hidden radicality – and that any previous evidence of political commitment is not a requirement:

We are looking for candidates who can demonstrate these skills whether secured through political campaigning activity, or through other areas of their personal, voluntary, community or professional background.

Despite the nonsensical claims of Starmer and his drones, Brylcreem Labour is very much the party of business and overflowing with contempt for workers. If the unions don’t act against Labour now, what the hell are they thinking?

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  1. It is my understanding that the previous team of community organisers were all on short term contracts and when these contracts came to an end they were not renewed. They were not made redundant.

    1. You have no real understanding of what the ethos of The Labour Party was, in comparison to this Labour Party.

      Have you?

      You’re a true Social Democrat.

  2. George – What on earth are you prattling on about, please explain yourself.

    1. Thank you, for confirming your lack of understanding. It’s not often you own up to your failings.

      1. George – On the contrary I am pointing out your failure to express yourself clearly. Perhaps you could make a start by clarifying the differences you see in the ethos of the Labour Party in the context of the issues covered in the above article.

  3. Volunteers are the backbone of the labour party we go out pounding the streets for something that we believe in and try and convince people to vote for who we can trust to deliver those promises so far starmer has brocken every pledge he has ever made The LP has gone from being one of the richest political partys to being nearly bankrupt by a fucking dirty slimy snake who has no respect for the working classes

  4. Brian – But this article is about people who were employed on short term contracts, not volunteers.
    In 2019 having lost 20% of the membership the Labour Party were spending beyond their means and haemorrhaging cash because their membership had slipped way below the 500k+ that their budgets were based on. The dire election results at the 19GE where we lost 60 seats compounded the situation because of the subsequent substantial loss of ‘short money’.

    1. In 2019 having lost 20% of the membership

      Going from around 180k in 2015 to over 500k by 2019 is NOT a loss.

      If you play a fruit machine starting with £18 and by closing time you have £50 HOW is that a loss??

      However, having £13.5m in reserve and spunking the lot on legal fees IS a massive LOSS, one bordering on criminal.

    1. bedroc – It would be difficult to argue that the previous community organisers were good at their jobs, we lost 60 seats.

      1. Starmer’s brexit shenanigans and MSM-provided ready-made excuse to loyal Labour voters to not vote Labour (a certain Jew-hating Czech spy terrorist sympathiser), caused the collap[se of the pro-brexit red wall seats, not a band of community and regional organisers.

        Starmer’s shit ‘went around’, now it’s time for it to ‘come around’ and bite him on the bum. Sure a couple of False Narratives might have removed brexit from top slot, but Tim Fenton’s probably right “Brexit Returns To Screw Tories – and as one of his posters said: “there’ll be no particular joy in watching the Tories self-destruct as they’ll simply be replaced by their identical twin.”

        Brexit, Covid, Ukraine – these are Starmer’s poisons; they’re still in his system and will harm him aat the polls.

      2. qwertboi – Have you seen the latest polling from the Red Wall seats.
        Follow the link to this extensive poll, it covers a wide range of important subject areas.

        <Our latest Red Wall poll finds Labour leading the Conservatives by 28%, five points more than in our previous poll conducted on 5 February, and the largest lead for Labour in these seats since Rishi Sunak became Prime Minister. Altogether, the results of our poll (with changes from 5 February) are as follows:
        Labour 55% (+3)
        Conservative 27% (-2)
        Reform UK 10% (+2)
        Liberal Democrat 4% (-1)
        Green 3% (-1)
        Plaid Cymru 1% (–)
        Other 1% (–)

  5. qwertboi – “Starmer’s brexit shenanigans and MSM-provided ready-made excuse to loyal Labour voters to not vote Labour”

    Wow – Your implication being that “loyal Labour voters” were looking for an excuse not to vote for Corbyn.

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