Video: thousands march in Liverpool in support of striking workers

City comes out in solidarity with workers resisting continued Tory attack on their class, wages, rights and living standards

As striking workers around the country – including teachers, nurses, rail workers, civil servants, posties and more – enjoyed high levels of public support today despite the spin and slant of the ‘mainstream’ media, thousands turned out in Liverpool to march on a wet and windy day in solidarity with those resisting the Tories’ continued assault on our class, our incomes, our rights and our living standards:

Absolute solidarity with the ordinary people taking the fight forward – and shame on all those who don’t stand with them, including the current ‘Labour’ regime and the unions led by its allies.

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  1. It was great to be there today. So many people, so much determination, total solidarity.

  2. It seems this level of support was repeated everywhere across the country. It was brilliant in Bristol. Eternal shame on starmer for yet again proving he is LINO!

  3. Off topic, but…..

    In a Fox News article a few days ago (and no doubt covered in other MSM around the world) they quote Jens Stoltenberg – the NATO Secretay-General – as saying the following:

    “China will soon have a bigger economy than the United States. They already have the largest defense budget,” Stoltenberg said.

    The reality is that the US defence spending budget is more than THREE times that of China, and Stoltenberg is lying through his nasty little war-mongering teeth AND deliberately deceiving and duping millions – and probably TENS of millions – of people:

    1. Allan Howard:
      Thank you for your recent comment which brought to our attention the documentary ‘Everything is a Rich Man’s Trick’.
      It was very interesting and I would recommend that people watch it.

      Points of disagreement:
      I continue to believe that Lyndon Johnson, rather than the CIA, was in charge of the JFK assassination.
      I do not believe that Nixon was involved.
      Nor do I believe that Senator Ralph Yarborough was involved.

      Definitely involved as far as I am concerned:

      John Connally
      James Rowley, head of the Secret Service

      Probably involved:

      Nelson Rockefeller, Lyndon Johnson’s chosen successor in 1968, someone with close ties to the CIA.

      The reason the documentary gives for the shooting of police officer J D Tippitt does seem very plausible to me.

      Once again, thank you.

      1. And I just came across THIS (whilst searching for an article with a picture of the wink), which I hadn’t come across before:

        Explosive Jackie O tapes ’reveal how she believed Lyndon B Johnson killed JFK

        Jackie Onassis believed that Lyndon B Johnson and a cabal of Texas tycoons were involved in the assassination of her husband John F Kennedy, ‘explosive’ recordings are set to reveal.

        The secret tapes will show that the former first lady felt that her husband’s successor was at the heart of the plot to murder him.

        But I don’t think Lee Harvey Oswald was invovled. He WAS a patsy!

    2. Re Stoltenberg:

      ” Stoltenberg has been described as a cautious politician, belonging to the right-wing of social democracy. When he became prime minister in 2000, he was portrayed as the “Norwegian Tony Blair”, and his policies were inspired by Blair’s New Labour agenda; his first government oversaw the most widespread privatisation by any Norwegian government to that date. “

  4. And check out this GM Watch article from last week, and share far and wide:

    Top geneticist warns UK is embarking on experiment that could “cause great harm”

    In the wake of yesterday’s debate in the House of Lords, in which the UK government’s GMO deregulation bill passed the Report stage unamended, the renowned geneticist and House of Lords peer Lord Robert Winston has warned that the bill could “cause great harm”

    Lord Winston told Parliament he was ‘very concerned’ that the use of this technology could have unintended consequences.

    A top geneticist has warned the UK Government’s plans for looser regulation around precision-bred animals and plants is a “massive experiment” that could “cause great harm” to the planet.

    Renowned broadcaster and fertility expert Lord Winston told Parliament he was “very concerned” that the use of this technology could have unintended consequences as the Bill passed its report stage in the House of Lords.

    He said: “Every single piece of technology that humans have ever produced has a downside that we don’t expect and that we don’t recognise and predict at the time.

    “And I would argue that this is one of these examples of technology that we have a duty as a house in Parliament to examine extremely carefully and I’m not sure we’ve done that yet.”

    He added: “In my view, we are embarking on a massive experiment, which could have global repercussions.

  5. Politicians are dangerously out-of-touch: a near billionaire PM with a US ‘permanent residency’ Green card tucked in his back pocket is threatening to ban strikes; a leader of the opposition who seems to despise ordinary people – openly boasting he prefers the company of the caviar downing, jet-set elite at Davos. A leader who treats Labour MPs like naughty children, forbidding discussion on an increasing range of verboten topics ; Israel, Ukraine ; Nato, Brexit, NHS, public pay . What is politics for if not to discuss/debate issues, all issues?

    Like some ivory tower aristocracy, holed up in Westminster, the political class refuse to be interviewed by any media not willing to ask them pre-vetted softball questions. The chances of frontbench Labour person defending Starmer against critics in alt media like Skwawkbox or on Novara is zero. Proving they know his diktat approach to politics is simply indefensible.

    Has UK politics ever been this irrelevant, this cowardly and unrepresentative? Who wants to vote for these rogues? If a meteor fell on Westminster, when the dust cleared, would the gathered crowd rush to shift the rubble, or break into spontaneous cheering?

    1. If a meteor fell on Westminster, when the dust cleared, would the gathered crowd rush to shift the rubble, or break into spontaneous cheering?

      I’d bring the DDT; there’s bound to be a few cockraches’d survive it.

      Very good post, by the way. 👍

  6. I will divert back to the fast-developing situation in Ukraine.
    I was hearing, yesterday evening, of reports that Blinken had dispatched the Egyptian Foreign Minister to Moscow and the Israeli Foreign Minister to Kiev, with a proposal for a “negotiated settlement”. I had my doubts.
    However, now I hear that the Egyptian FM did, indeed, go to Moscow and said in a statement that he had delivered a letter from Blinken. Lavrov then gave a briefing to the same effect but outlined the terms of the “settlement”, which included a complete withdrawal of Russian forces from the Donbas etc. and from Crimea. Lavrov is reported to have used very diplomatic language to tell Blinken where to stick it.
    Kolomoisky, Reznikov and now this. Something is certainly going on.

    Back to the substantive report: I await “Where were the marchers?”

  7. Thanks for that Goldbach….Most of the news is irrelevant in the western world as nobody’s certain of whos pulling the strings and whats real or just plain lies. …The fact that we are on the brink of nuclear Armageddon in Europe makes for a very uncertain future to say the least.but is the only certainty that can be gleaned from the so called news.
    I have a feeling that we are being played as with the covid scam.that was more about Control and draconian laws than any cure for a killer flu..Digital bank acounts….Digital people and credits and applications to move from your place of residences without a another city ?…..The unelected know due to the covid scam just how much crap we are willing to take.and thats the problems…..far to much ,!crap and control freakery…God help us

  8. What was the last thought that passed through the minds of the French Aristocracy as their heads fell into the bread basket
    1) Ungrateful bastards
    2 )Why didn’t we cut and run
    3) Nice day for it
    The so called Elites are not that clever

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