CWU speaks out on recall to Parliament of ‘misleading’ Royal Mail CEO

Simon Thompson recalled by parliamentary committee to answer for alleged false claims

‘Misleading’: Royal Mail CEO Simon Thompson

The Communication Workers Union (CWU) has spoken out about the decision of a committee of MPs to recall Royal Mail CEO Simon Thompson to Parliament to answer for allegedly misleading in his answers to the Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) Committee alongside company chair Keith Williams last week.

Thompson told the committee that Royal Mail did not use its ‘Postal Digital Assistant’ system to track workers’ productivity and push staff to work faster – and also denied that Royal Mail policy prioritises parcels, potentially compromising the delivery of the universal service obligation (USO) that guarantees a minimum mail service. The Committee is also seeking clarity on statements made by Thompson on employee sick pay arrangements.

BEIS Committee Chair Darren Jones said:

Since Mr Thompson appeared before the Committee last week we’ve had significant quantities of evidence that suggest his answers may not have been wholly correct.

Giving inaccurate information to a Parliamentary Committee, whether by accident or otherwise, is taken very seriously. We must get to the bottom of these inconsistencies on behalf of Parliament and intend to do so during this additional hearing.

Responding to the concerns that Thompson may have misled parliament in last week’s hearing, a CWU spokesperson said:

In the interests of democracy and public standards, we wholeheartedly welcome this decision.

Politicians tasked by voters to conduct scrutinising work with the greatest possible knowledge and clarity have grave concerns about Simon Thompson’s evasive conduct.

These concerns are shared by millions of people, who need to know the facts from those who run the postal services they rely on, and deserve to be treated with the utmost seriousness.

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  1. I don’t think that the mps are concerned about the postal workers but they may be insulted by being sold a bunch of porky pies by Thomson….evasive?….misleading?or just plain criminal lies to our lawmakers?.
    Nobody lies or maybe like the tory tax dodger Nadhim”confused” ?but does it matter because the whole crooked system still rolls on with the victims in this case the working class left to pick up the peices of a flawed and not fit for purpose parliament.The solution is in the recruitment of candidates amongst all the parties or is it just one long “party” time party?…Frankly I am sick and tired of all the corruption which is the endgame for these parasites infecting industry and parliament.No respect…and couldn’t care less were they never pay for the damage done.and never admit the truth.

  2. Tracking…Royal Mail aren’t the only ones trying to implement this. Usually it’s the cost that puts them off. Anyone else noticed how the facade of freedom has disappeared and it’s back to slavery as usual? Goethe said the most productive slave was the one who thinks they’re free. Either management us thick, or productivity isn’t as important as they make out.

    Recalls are rare. Punishment rarer still. Who wants to bet?

    1. Management must’ve creamed themselves when PDA’s were rolled out.

      Saved them a fortune in boot leather and potential harassment cases when they were sneakily following posties around and timing them on their rounds plus making sure all the door-to-doors were being delivered. Especially ones they had a grudge against.

      Another example of technology being used to control the populace/workforce in order to monetise the resultant data.

      …Smart meters are another. They’ll eventually lower your bills MY ARSE!!

      This is why I only pay with cash in face-to-face transactions and point-blank refuse to use computerised automated payment methods wherever and whenever I can.

      I’ve only ever used my card for payment twice…both times were at convenience stores, away from home and late evening/night. And one of those instances was because I refused to pay the £1.50 or what-have-ya charge to draw poke from their in-store atm.

      Once cash goes, they have total control over your lives.

      Applepay and the likes do NOT make you look cool. They make a total mug out of you while patting you on the head.

      Sorry for the (slightly) off-topic rant. People need to realise what they’re letting themselves (and the rest of society) in for, though.

  3. NVL….. Thompson was confused like the tory chairman,but it’s the embarrassment for the poor fellow….isnt that punishment enough when you are the mouthpiece for our “betters” ….or dare I say Superiors “.WHY CANT THE UNION CALL HIM A BLOODY LIAR?

  4. It was unfortunate that the Committee had to be informed by ordinary folks AFTER the hearing. Maybe our overpaid MPs, who have “researchers” at our expense, could have had the facts at their fingertips at the earlier meeting, and then could have asked proper questions and know if there was an “inconsistency” in the answers?

    1. Yep, quite correct, Joe.

      Half-arsed researchers, half-arsed journalists and not-even-arsed MPs.

      A bum deal all around for Joe Public.

    2. Reply to Joe Robson
      You are absolutely right. It it shows the extent of interest and objectivity the Committee had in dealing fairly with the issue when they didn’t bother to familiarise themselves with the facts in advance of the hearing with Simon Thompson.

  5. Business doing what comes naturally to it, lies are all part of the big picture, they exist to to con the public into believing prices are controlled to benefit the public user, when in reality they are increased to maximise as much profit as they can.

    Every penny they pay to workers is a penny less in their pockets. When are the great unwashed going to understand that the nationalised industries were both efficient and guaranteed a living wage, in the private sector, the more they work in the interest of the public the less profits they make.

    If we want efficient services, it means taking profit out of the equation, the private sector can’t provide public services and never could.

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