Big win for workers as PCS secures 10%+ deal

Hinduja Global increases pay offer from 3.5% to over 10%

Members of the PCS civil service union have won a major victory, securing a pay rise of more than ten percent in place of Hinduja Global’s original 3.5% offer, after a lengthy battle. PCS general secretary Mark Serwotka welcomed the win and paid tribute to the workers who achieved it:

I’m immensely proud of our members at Hinduja Global Solutions in Liverpool for their fight and resilience during this long-running dispute and securing a pay rise of over 10%.

To secure this pay rise when the initial offer amounted to just 3.5% is a great victory and sends out a positive message to our 100,000 members taking strike action next week.

When our members stand up for themselves and stick together it shows they can win the pay rise they deserve.

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  1. Mark Serwotka and PCS are fine examples of what a Trade Union and Trade Unionists should be. Mark is a great Gen Sec, a socialist who fights hard for his members .PCS is a proper Trade Union not a “staff association” which is what many other unions have become.
    This victory shows what can be achieved with strong leadership and worker solidarity. Well done Mark and all at PCS especially our brothers and sisters in Liverpool

      1. goldbach – There’s none so blind as those that choose not to see.

      2. Two Cheeks
        Your CSE maths skills on show again
        Plus 7 against this bunch of spivs and thieves does NOT add up to anything of value
        Two cheap and nasty Tory parties with their snouts in the trough

      3. Doug – I see you are still attempting to prop up your childish nonsense with childish insults.Do yourself a favour and grow up.

        You obviously haven’t looked at Jeremy’s Net Approval Index results for when he was in office He was consistently in the negative and consistently way behind both May and Johnson. Before the 19GE it was that bad that two thirds of the electorate were expressing a dislike for Jeremy.

      4. Doug, SteveH is correct in his comment at 10.48 pm yesterday, though not in the way he means it.
        He can be forgiven for not realising that he is the one who chooses not to see.
        All will become clear in the fullness of time.

      5. Two Cheeks
        Your simple faith in these polls might work when combined with your letter to Santa
        Which part of fucking useless do you not get

      6. Doug – For goodness sake, Grow-Up!
        How’s the new socialist party coming along, have you managed to find a credible leader to coalesce behind yet?
        We’ll see who is proved right at the next general election.

      7. Two Cheeks
        Your man is completely reliant on cheap and nasty Tories staying at home
        The biggest beneficiary will be LibDums
        Not a snowball’s chance of a majority, it will be PR by default
        Wont last 6 months, now off you must fuck

      8. Doug – Is that childish nonsense really the best you could manage.
        …..and your answers to my questions are???

    1. 🐑johnsco1 – Really, do you actually know what Labour’s current policy platform contains?
      Which of Labour’s many published policies do you disagree with and why?

      1. johnsco1 – Really, do you actually know what Labour’s current policy platform contains

        You seen the vox pops and talking heads on the news, on other TV shows, in the papers,and on the street?

        Obviously not, else you’d be only too aware that no bugger’s got a clue what keefs’ policies are. Nor have they ever.

        Then, of course, there’s those with even the merest passing interest on politics that are all too aware of his ten immediately broken pledges. Even most of those people are far from convinced he’ll stick by any policy platform, nevermind any future manifesto content.

        Why do you allow yourself to be repeatedly shafted by the slimy mofo, only to continue to laud him as the second coming?

        On second thoughts don’t bother answering. It’s evident.

      2. Two Cheeks
        They haven’t got any policies, try doing a straw poll asking what they stand for
        Don’t knows win every time
        Give us your favourite knockout policy that creates clear Red water between the Tory A and B teams
        Thought so

      3. Again with the green paper 😴

        Another keef list that carries as much weight a a left hook from Lena Zavaroni…Or any single one of keefs’ ten pledges.

        IF it goes through, it will NOT go through looking anything like it does this week.

        It will be like a 60s/70s band that’s still plodding on today, with no original members and having gone through about 30 during that time.

        Because keefs not only useless, he’s as fickle as they come .

      4. Toffee – This Green Paper was prepared in conjunction with the TUC who like you appreciate its value to all workers. Labour have clearly stated on numerous occasions that they will pass the bill into law within 100 days of winning the GE and their stance is strongly supported by the TUC and Unions so I doubt it will be altered by much. If it is radically altered (which I doubt) then please feel free to come back and tell me all about it.

  2. Steve H you know and many others do that labour will not “win” the General election but will walk into drowning street by default.
    Normaly the torys asset strip..hammer the unions and the working class and help themselves and chums to any rich pickings.
    Labour’s job was to repair the damage done by the torys ready to take over again when they were fully rested and new talant arrives.The labour party will face even more plunder and vandalism on taking office this time.with the B”team of incompetent and corrupt cabinet with nothing more than a handful of tory tribute polices to re build a damaged UK.This tenure for the labour party with nothing left in the tank or engine will hopfuly head to the scrap yard before a full term..A new party and clearly a real opposition to the Torys will arise by necessity when the labour party have long gone and the myth of a alternative to the conservative and unionist party has long been buried under sleeze,corruption and incompetence that labours funders can no longer tolerate………fill your boots Stevie boy your day has come..!

    1. It was all down to them in the shadow cabinet…But their humility and determination won’t allow pause to rest on their laurels.

      Just like when young Rashford did sod-all to shame the rags into backing down from withdrawing the vouchers for the kids’ food.

      And that’s how it’ll be IF they win the next election, because it’ll be against all the odds as sunak’s perhaps THE most formidable PM there’s ever been…

      1. As I expected. We will never forget or forgive. Toffee, a personal request. Please don’t use the MF words. I am no PC snowflake but if you read its origins you will understand why I feel so strongly about it. I don’t understand its popularity in the ‘good’ not with our so talented comedians. Thanks. I ain’t a censor so people can do what they want.

    2. Alexanderscottish……I think the shadow cabinet were a bit “wobbly?…and are planning to lift what they can from a tory trashed NHS and maybe have a look at the directorships in the failing railways to see if they can blag some readys.?..Starmer and his carpetbagers will plunder whatever is left by their fellow partners in crime the tory party.

      1. Crafty, no more getting changed in phone boxes now. Thanks for the reply. In my post to Toffee, I meant Hood not good and nor not not. Cheers.

  3. We all know what Keef’s policies are:
    – – – That’s why he’s the only member of the Trilateral Commission – The political arm of American foreign policy for a world run by and for the USA neo-cons.
    – – – That’s why he’s a full-weight supporter of NATO – The military arm of American foreign policy in Europe.

  4. CORRECTION ……..
    We all know what Keef’s policies are:
    – – – That’s why he’s the only UK MP who is a member of the Trilateral Commission – The political arm of American foreign policy for a world run by and for the USA neo-cons.
    – – – That’s why he’s a full-weight supporter of NATO – The military arm of American foreign policy in Europe.

    1. johnsco1 – If the trilateral commission is such a big deal can you explain why despite more than ample opportunity not one person challenged Keir about it throughout the many hustings and why nothing of substance has been published about it for several decades.

  5. There’s not much detail on the deal though it appears to be over 2 years. Though this is some way from where inflation sits right now, it does also include some other positive changes and has to be better than the impasse the government seem intent on maintaining till the next financial year. If nothing else, it is just common sense to find the position that both sides can live with rather than maintain an antagonism that is to the detriment of everyone.

  6. In my first post on this thread, I somehow attached the wrong link. It happens at a certain age.
    Nobody seems to have noticed the illogicality of my assuming there was a connection between writing “The Hinduja Brothers – reminds me of this:” and the link I attached.
    Of course, the Hinduja Brothers reminded me of this:

  7. A welcome reminder of true journalism and also how democracy is destroyed in the hands of fascists subject to the whims of the USA. Unfortunately I think that the situation has moved on to nuclear confrontation and a position of mutual destruction in the western world.
    I hope that China can be kept out of the coming armeggedon but that will be at the door of the unelected masters directing the USA.Of which western Europe will have no say. Just the consequences of war and oblivion. along with most of eastern Europe….. Madness and lunacy?… Wheres the lodjic in all of these wars?

    1. Joseph – There are, it seems to me, three possible outcomes to the war.
      1. A comprehensive defeat for Ukraine, leading to an imposed settlement; a settlement that “the West” will have to learn to live with.
      2. A negotiated settlement which addresses all of the concerns that Russia has; a settlement that “the West” will have to learn to live with.
      3. The neo-cons in the US failing to grasp reality, continuing to escalate, starting WW111 and pressing on until there is a nuclear war.
      It may be possible that there are those in the US who are starting to edge towards option 2.
      Both Victoria Nuland and Anthony Blinken have recently floated the idea of a negotiated settlement. Their ideas for such a “settlement” were utter lunacy because it would have left Russia in a worse situation than before the Ukraine Civil War became a proxy war against Russia.
      However, the Rand Corporation has recently published an assessment which indicates that they are providing a strong steer to the administration to seek negotiations. I attach the link – – not for you to read, but for SteveH. He loves his links, and it will keep him busy. Essentially, they are saying that to keep pouring resources into Ukraine to continue the war will consume too much of the resources of the US, as happened during the war in Viet Nam which led to pressure from “business” to abandon Viet Nam, and will not be in the “strategic interests” of the US. The question is whether or not the US administration has the capacity to understand this, as Lyndon Johnson eventually had. An associated question is whether or not the CIA understands the situation (they should with Burns in charge) and whether they have been reporting everything to the politicians, or simply telling them what they want to hear.
      I remain hopeful that we’ll get option 2 but, in the event that we don’t, I’d prefer option 1.

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