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Ambulance waits FELL on strike day, exposing Tories’ ‘minimum service’ lie

Extra resources put in to cope halved waits, showing again that NHS crisis is Tory-created

Statistics gathered during strike action by paramedics have made a mockery of the Tories’ transparently ideological attack on workers’ right to strike.

While Rishi Sunak and his partners in crime claim their plan to force unions to maintain services during industrial action is to protect patients, the public and the economy – but during the recent paramedics’ action, ambulance delays fell by more than half compared to the NHS crisis on what has become a ‘normal’ day under the Tories where hundreds of lives are needlessly lost every week:

The fall has been attributed to extra resources, for example additional doctors, allocated to make sure that ambulances that were running were able to deliver patients to hospital promptly, rather than the ‘business as usual’ of hours-long waits before patients can be handed over to an NHS in collapse under the weight of Tory cuts and fragmentation.

In other words, the figures show that what ails the NHS is government policy and managed decline – and existing strike arrangements are ample to protect patients, despite the lies told by the likes of Sunak and Shapps. Tory attacks on public services are the issue and need to be reversed – and tragically for the nation there is no prospect of the desperately-needed fundamental change of course under the Tory B-team currently masquerading as ‘the opposition’.

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  1. Another whopper also from sunak, who reckons the reason keef won’t support the minimum levels of cover is because: “his union paymasters won’t let him”

    Yeah, ok wishy. As if keef gives a fook about the unions. The plain fact is, keef hasn’t got a jar o’ glue about anything.

  2. Perhaps, once they’ve put it down in legalese, the nation will be able to hold the lying Tory %&£#s to those minimum standards. Or will it only be valid for strike days. Come on BBC, don’t drop the ball again!

    1. Tory B …team?…..Almost unbelievable if you are a working class person who has traditionally voted labour thinking that theyre not perfect but it’s the best we can get!.
      ITS far from the best and a political nightmare for all of us who believe in democracy and freedom.Make no mistake about the motives of the labour party and the “first team conservative and unionist party,that is greed and virtual slavery for the people..
      Theyve sold out the people to a very dangerous group of unelected leaders of the New world order and are looking for more than slavery and hunger but a third world war..Time to understand just how dire the situation is in the western world.and spread the word.

  3. Izzy Lenga continued:

    So we are NOW being told by the BBC (on their Clarifications and Corrections page, in December) that in 2015 Izzy Lenga received anti-semetic abuse and threats from both the far right and the far left after she posted a photo of a Hitler poster on her twitter page, and yet in the media coverage at the time (in 2015), there is no mention of right and left, and they are referred to as ‘internet trolls’. The story was covered by the Birmingham Mail, the Daily Mail and the Mirror and Jewish News. Check for yourselves.

    In a youtube video uploaded in May, 2019, Lenga says she received over two thousand abusive messages in the first 24 hours after posting the photo of the Hitler poster, and yet in a Jewish News article (published a week after she posted the photo of the Hitler poster/sticker on her twitter page) in 2015, it only refers to ‘dozens’:

    In the article headlined Twitter accounts shut after Jewish student abused for reporting anti-Semitism online, it says: ‘But Lenga’s Twitter feed was later bombarded with dozens of anti-Semitic slurs and cartoons.’

    And in another Jewish News article six days earlier they speak of just one Hitler poster (sticker).

    In the article headlined: Police investigating “Hitler was right” sticker at Birmingham University, there are TWO different versions of the Hitler poster story. Here are a few clips from the article…. see if you can spot the odd one out:

    The image of the sticker was posted on Twitter by the university’s student education officer, Izzy Lenga. It shows an image of the Nazi leader with the anti-Semitic text,which was posted on campus.

    In a tweet, she wrote: “And for those who don’t think anti-Semitism is a serious issue, these were plastered over campus on Tues[day]”.

    West Midlands Police told Campaign Against Antisemitism (CAA) that the sticker was removed, and will be forensically examined to try and identify who was responsible.

    On Twitter, CST & and the Union of Jewish Students confirmed that the sticker had been found at Birmingham campus & was removed. Police are investigating.

    CST told Jewish News: “CST’s initial understanding was that one ‘Hitler was right’ sticker was found at the university.. The Police assure us that they are investigating the matter.”

    So was it ‘dozens’ or was it ‘thousands’ of abusive comments! Was it just the ONE Hitler poster, or were they plastered all across the campus! And ask yourself this: how come Lenga didn’t say anything (to the Mail etc) back in 2015 about the abuse coming from the left and right, AND, re the left, how on earth would she know that they were from left-wingers anyway.

    And needless to say, there is no way on this planet that anyone on the left would post abusive messages to someone because they posted a photo of a poster of Hitler on their twitter page and who was obviously condemning it.

    NB And whereas it was more-than-clear from the Jewish News article on the 29th of October that there was just ONE poster/sticker, the DM article published a week later referred to ‘posters’:

    ‘Jewish student faced vile anti-Semitic abuse – including being called an ‘oven magnet’ – after speaking out against Hitler posters on campus’

    1. I would have thought that those who participated in the Panorama programme would have been invited to see a screening of the programme at some point prior to it being broadcast. But, if that had been the case, then Izzy Lenga would of course have spotted the mix up (as John Ware claimed it was in an article in Jewish News the day after the BBC posted their clarification regards Lenga). So we’ll have to assume that WASN’T the case (if we’re gonna play along with John Ware et al). But we can be 100% certain that she watched it the night it was broadcast and, as such, spotted the (alleged) mix up in her segment of the programme, and of course then drawn it to John Ware and Co’s attention, and THAT would surely lead to the BBC making a clarification/correction on their Clarifications and Corrections page – at the very least – at the time.

      Hmm, but for some mysterious reason or other they didn’t!

  4. Another very dangerous move by the government and their unionist pals in excluding the leader of Sinn Fein from the leaders meeting on the N.Ireland protocol…not a cleverly move at all.!

    1. I agree it would have been better to have all parties represented at the talks.
      All Ulster parties were invited including Sinn Fein but I understand that as the Sinn Fein leader was not. She is a member of the Irish parliament ( she is in fact leader of the Opposition ) and the Government said it was inappropriate for her to attend the first part of the talks as they will be meeting with the Irish prime minister and other Irish MPs including the Opposition as the second part of the talks.
      If this is true then I can see the logic in it but I believe it is foolish to alienate any participating party when the object is to get consensus and find a way forward.
      Of course another reason why she was not invited may have been to keep the Unionists on board ,They would probably have objected to the leader of the Irish Opposition being present at an Ulster forum and may have refused to participate.
      It would have been best in my opinion to have informal discussions with all involved and then invite everyone to open formal talks. Then nobody would have cause to complain.

  5. There is an article on the BBC news website about a man who couldn’t get an ambulance following a heart attack. His family drove him to hospital but he sadly died. This happened on 18 Nov 2021 which even the BBC had to admit was before any strike action.
    This poor man is one of many, many people who have died or been left incapacitated because of lack of timely intervention by paramedics- first responders- who frequently spend their shifts queueing up outside hospitals nursing sick people for whom there isn’t even a trolley available inside.
    This is one of the reasons why the paramedics are taking strike action along with other medical professionals. They know the NHS is in crisis , patients are permanently at risk, staff are burnt out and traumatised by what they see in A&Es all over the country.
    Solidarity with our brothers and sisters in the NHS and with all workers forced to take strike action by unscrupulous employers and an indifferent government

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