Umunna advising on private Royal Mail takeover – after condemning ‘sell-off’

Hypocrite former MP condemned by postal workers union

Right-wing former Labour MP Chuka Umunna has been slammed by the postal workers’ union for advising privatisers on their potential bid to take over Royal Mail – after originally condemning the privatisation of the iconic UK institution.

Umunna is reportedly advising Czech firm Vesa Equity on its potential purchase, a fact highlighted by the CWU in a tweet, which the union says shows ‘why working class people walked away from Labour’:

And CWU general secretary Dave Ward tweeted the link to Umunna along with an old comment by the woeful former MP condemning the privatisation of the ‘treasured national institution’, asking ‘This you?’:

Like all once-publicly owned firms, Royal Mail’s privatisation has been a disaster for workers and those who rely on its services, with relentless price increases driving huge private profits – and Royal Mail has been accused of some of the worst conduct under its current owners, attempting to impose real-terms pay cuts despite record profits, undermining workers and their union and even attacking CWU reps even as it sat in supposed negotiations with them.

Umunna became notorious after defecting from Labour to the awful ‘Change UK’ – exclusively predicted by Skwawkbox before it happened – and then, when that inevitably crashed and burned, to the Lib Dems, before losing his seat in 2019 – despite having said just two years earlier that he could ‘never forgive’ them. He also once joined an ‘elite’ dating site where he complained that people who went to London nightclubs were ‘trash’.

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  1. If there ever was trash in UK public life – Umunna is as bad as it gets !
    His track record says it all.

    1. Johnsco, be fair. There are a number of em jostling for top spot. We all have got our list.

  2. Pity, so young and already having trouble remembering things. I wonder how he keeps getting such lucrative jobs?
    Truth be told, the man never had much decency, the only thing that matters to him is how much he is getting paid.

  3. Im just surprised.keef hasn’t invited him back and shoehorned him in for a safe seat candidacy.

    Oh…It seems that tweet highlighting umunna’s hypocrisy contains the words “we oppose the government’s privatisation”

    Full marks for the rank shithouse hypocrisy…But that (on its own) just won’t do. You don’t oppose the toerags, publicly OR privately (and whether you mean it or not) if you’re one of keefs’ clique.

    Still, it’s one less in the commons. Small mercies and all that

  4. Is anyone surprised?

    Umunna isn’t an exceptional case either, all those dubbed ‘Blairites’ or ‘moderates’ are covertly (while MPs) and overtly (when no longer MPs) the same. They don’t have any political values, only career goals while pretending to have leftish political principles.

    They are worse than the Tories because they are robbing the UK of a genuine alternative through deception and using the party name to push the same right-wing agenda as the Tories to disappointed voters. Moderates are a nightmare for what were traditionally left-wing parties throughout Europe.

    1. If I remember Umunna for one thing, it’ll be on the lunchtime BBC News, stood in the rain, in Swindon High Street, and announcing his withdrawal from The Leadership Contest, in 2015.

      …and looking shifty, while he did it. I wondered what his plans were. Now, we know.

  5. Umunna remember, wrote (honestly) that he’d never seen any Labour activist being anti-Semitic in all his years involved with the Labour party.

    “Some have suggested that there is institutional antisemitism across the whole Labour party – this is not a view I share,not least because I have not seen one incident of antisemitism in almost 20 years of activism.”

    – Chuka Umunna – Oct 16th, 2016

    Only to 180 touring TV news studios claiming the party WAS institutionally racist in 2018.

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