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Johnson’s fine for breaking lockdown laws proves he repeatedly misled Parliament – a resignation offence

PM among officials fined in ‘Partygate’ scandal

Boris Johnson has been fined by the Metropolitan Police (MPS) for breaking lockdown laws in repeated parties held by the Tories during pandemic restrictions.

The Tories have been alternately trying to dismiss the parties as old news or claiming that they are irrelevant now because of the Ukraine crisis – but the fines prove that Johnson repeatedly misled Parliament when he claimed that no parties took place and that lockdown laws were obeyed at all times.

Knowingly misleading Parliament is a cast-iron resignation offence according to what passes for parliamentary rules for government, the ministerial code of conduct. Johnson has repeatedly abused this code, for example ignoring Priti Patel’s bullying, and will no doubt try to ignore it in his own case – but what vapours of credibility the malignant buffoon pretended to have now been blown away and his position must be untenable in the eyes of the public.

If Johnson does go, the Tories now have a difficulty: with their most likely heir apparent Rishi Sunak floundering over revelations of his wife’s tax affairs and the huge sums of public money her business received – and now also fined alongside Johnson and Johnson’s wife – and no obvious choice among the disastrous occupants of the Tory benches.

Tragically for the nation, there is also no credible alternative on the opposition benches, with Keir Starmer always eager to crawl up Johnson’s wastepipe and busy trying to appeal to diehard Tories while disgusting and sickening natural Labour voters.

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    1. this country deserves to rid itself of the pathetic, disgraceful, self-serving parasite squatting as opposition. SH’s / SteveH’s davidh’s malcolm coleman’s sir keith captain hindsight starmer, DELIBERATELY stayed as good as silent for over a whole YEAR, when even a child in his position could see that johnson’s lot were ripping off the country for all they could snout!!! not a few millions here and there. BILLIONS in broad daylight, yet Keith remained silent. the houses parasites r like a sieve. with the rightly named, collaborative “her majesty’s” press, information is withheld from the general public i.e. you, me, US!!!

      sir Keith’s conduct and his sabotaging gang over the last five years prove that they are more detestable than johnson’s lot. sir keith’s gang have effectively ALLOWED johnson’s lot to carry on with barely a question no matter how many BILLIONS were siphoned of by RANDOX, g4s, SERCO, incomplete test & trace, Deloitte, un scrutinised contracts to chums of BILLIONS for useless PPE pointed now being BURNT!!!

      right here on i mentioned the junk “ppe”. has anyone heard sir keith pursue any of these crimes with even one BILLIONTH of his determination to expel eg those of jewish faith and none, those of muslim faith and none, black and brown people… ??? NO‼️‼️‼️ instead while letting johnson’s lot plunder tge public purse for all it’s worth, and party like there’s no tomorrow, instead sir keith & his lot has broken pledges made to deceive the membership = lie. expel, suspend, accept funds from
      dodgy entities. hide the FORDE REPORT.

      OBVIOUSLY for all even half awake, keith’s gang’s main aim is to make the sordid status quo even MORE powerful and wealthy at the expense of the many.

      It is up to each of us to do what ever we can with STEALTH to break the swings between two cheeks of the same backside.

      Yocheved did not shout; HERE’s my baby!!! I’ve put him in this basket to make his carrying easier for your convenience.

      The three wise men did not think it virtuous to return to Herod promptly with accurate news. None of them were that ridiculously detached from basic practical common sense.

      We must dump the tiresome bizarre self pleasuring confection that to act senselessly is virtuous / decent / integrity.

      It’s nothing of the sort. The confections ACTIVELY and POWERFULLY preserve the status quo better than anything the 1% beneficiaries could achieve on their own.

      1. ALL human progress is a collective exercise. davidH, Mr Hill’s steveH SH’s lot of “Mandy” (as they affectionately call the creature) WMD Blair the other creature, Campbellend, Hodge, Smithy Duncan, Lammy, Soubrey, Coyle, Smeethe, Adonis, Berger, Austin, Blunkett et. al. and many of the MSM presenters eg the Brian fellow, Foggytea, another fellow who was dismissed… name slips and a parade of LBC guest presenters names slip… ah! Hazurika somebody and Soubrey some other, ALL knew full well Jeremy’s CONSIDERABLE charisma and WIDESPREAD appeal of policies he presented at the FIRST leadership contest and the TWO Sir Keith’s coups. The first WITHIN twelve months of Jeremy’s tenure🧿

        The plotters WILFULLY put pressure via various lies knowing Jeremy would prioritise running away from their propaganda and OPEN sabotage. What some call “attacks” i expected to be treated as GIFTS to establish and promote the OPPOSITE of the same old same old. In fact, i’ve stated that re SH. Free target practise🧿

        Be that as it may, those who could have helped prevent Johnson taking office, OPENLY endorsed Johnson. We all heard the war creature Blair endorse Johnson several times, ditto Campbellend, Austin and many more of that lot.

        This national disgrace is of their making. Where they could have helped a true Labour government come to power, they “worked night and day to undermine” that opportunity OPENLY and shamelessly.

        The tragedy would be incalculable if a sufficient number of people ON THE LEFT, despite all they see, STILL expect those who deliberately and OPENLY sabotaged Jeremy, instead of helping him, will do ANYTHING to help “the many.”

        I will be the first to say; the parasitic coup plotters have a can do attitude and other necessary abilities. The crucial question is; TO DO WHAT❔❔❔

        We know they plan to do ZERO good for “the many”. In fact they openly promise policies that will harm us. They’ve said so and have proven that over and over again.

        We are in a tight spot, because despite the obvious with Johnson IN PARTICULAR of all UK politicians, that “ANYTHING COULD HAPPEN at ANY TIME”, … and i’ve repeated that phrase since posting on, a few “anythings” have happened and more will follow at anytime. The CRUSHING tragedy without laughs, is that we “The Left” are nowhere as prepared as we could have been to seize any opportunities and MAXIMISE them.

        BASICS. NO academic “terms” needed. One need not read history nor politics. Surely, true WORTHWHILE education, and intelligence is making an independent assessment of happenings, striving for an incisive analysis and expressing it with conviction for “peer review”. In fact, in my opinion, to be scrutinised and gather constructive feedback from as wide a ‘population’ as possible. … Though that is not the usual professional “scientific method”… stops at peers. Hence possibly, many research subjects being ridiculed by the general public.

        But each of these last five years suggest that we may best improve by LISTENING attentively BEYOND our FAMILIAR circle. It is beyond painfully puzzling to have discovered a vibrant and enduring culture of “there’s nothing we can do” yet using considerable time and effort to repeatedly scream that to anyone, especially to those of much fewer years.

        We MUST change.

      2. v old news. 🔱👁‍🗨🔱👁‍🗨🔱👁‍🗨🔱
        tis what prompted outpouring of grief 7 hrs ago above⬆️⬆️⬆️
        yes, i know. seeing it’s still so distressing, don’t think i’ll ever get over it. i can easily admit that.
        anyway, keep up or, your beloved master “MANDY” will not dispense a dollop of your favourite treat… 4 your turd polishing.
        your lot war criminal sabotaging lot. grasp basics, “work night and day” and achieve your evil aims. the exploitation of the many matters not a jot to your type. v odd. v tragic.

    2. The question is;

      Who does?

      Year by year comparison of Starmer against Corbyn shows Starmer 11 points behind.

      So, by my fag packet calculations that makes him 31 points shy of where anyone but Corbyn could be…

      1. windchime – Really? I’ve seen plenty of evidence to the contrary, do you have any evidence to support your assertions?

      2. You can’t even identify the correct poster…

        Find it yourself

    3. Who in their right mind would care anything for that lying, Zionist, two faced, hypocrite. I doubt if he can sleep very well at night as he is so slippery his head would constantly sllde off the pillow. Can you draw your own conclusions now SteveH?

  1. If Boris Johnson had one iota of decency he’d resign. We all know he hasn’t so he’ll not resign and the Tories are too corrupt and too gutless to sack him so he’ll be there ( backed to the hilt by Starmer) mumbling, bumbling and making money for himself and his associates for the foreseeable future

    1. Wheather I personally believe that the whole covid scam was one of the moves of a reset and control doesn’t matter anymore.Johnson and his gang including the majority of our “lawmakers have to be shown that these laws should in a democracy apply to the elite as well as the “little people” us and them.Clearly it doesn’t and both Johnson and Starmer were filmed partying with out a care in the world and when the heats on use “isolation” as a escape hatch over any awkward questions from the endangered species “Real journalists”
      … .I am sure that many people are beginning to realise that they were conned by the Parliament and the untouchable politicians.

    2. If Boris Johnson had one iota of decency he would not be qualified for the office he holds.
      When he first became leader of the Labour party The Establishment assumed that, having been an MP for so many years, Jeremy Corbyn would be corrupted. They were greatly surprised when it emerged that he might actually mean what he said and insist of trying to implement the policies he was promoting.
      They were shocked. And pulled out all the stops to get rid of him.
      It was a most unpleasant awakening for the ruing class. And they quickly replaced him with No Surprises Starmer, of whom not even SteveH or his dearest friend would claim that there is an ounce of decency in his makeup.

    3. Who on either front bench is in a position to talk about another’s moral frailties?

  2. Johnson seems to be provoking Russia to declare war on the UK. Presumably he calculates that will take the heat off him. He aches to become a war time leader like Churchill.

  3. And to top it all well soon find out someone paid his fine.

    And I’ll bet it was only a double-figure one, when others were being fined four or five-figure sums.

    Lying fat meff.

    1. How many £10,000 fines have been issued since March 2020? Is that also a police secret? Some students were given that fine because they ‘organised’ a few people to party. Did they pay? What were their circumstances? did they have the money to pay? Any imprisonments for default? Any found not guilty? ‘No organisers’ for No 10 would be very odd! This cult of secrecy is suffocating. You might think keen journalists would ferret it out? Fat chance!

  4. On another note, I see disgusting nonce apologist toerag crispin blunt – he who does very little but whinge about not having his gay sex drugs decriminalised but thinks being on benefits is a lifestyle choice called the conviction of nonce toerag omran khan ‘A dreadful miscarriage of justice’

    Filthy fucking scumbags, the both of them. Burn in hell.

    1. His brother, a QC doing criminal work, could have enlightened him about how Jury trials work. Astonishing he didn’t know!

  5. Well, if Johnson does go and Sunak is ruled out it has to be …………………………… Liz Truss, parliament’s version of Alice Tinker.

    1. We are the Romans, we hate the Christians
      Come to think of if, we even hate the Romans
      We’re just a pair of Jobbies

      It’s official we have a pair of Jobbies running the country

  6. Sunak been fined as well, so he’s not taking over if the duffer goes! Our 2 top parties are run by right wing scum!

  7. Parliament in recess, no PMQs, Johnson not being held to account by MPs. I only hope the issuing of fines by the Met to Johnson, Sunak and his wife was just a coincidence while they’re on Easter break.

    1. Like keefd do anything about it other than ASK de piffle to resign.. the spineless greasy bastard that smarmer is.

      Corrupt lying fat meff johnson should be SACKED….AND JAILED.. And sunak, AND de piflle’s tart too.

  8. Further to my post about the degenerate blunt, there was also this from that BBC link

    The official Conservative Party LGBT+ group has suspended him, pending an investigation and a membership vote.

    In a statement, the group said: “We are supportive of our judiciary and trial by jury, including the right to appeal, but present circumstances are that an MP has been found guilty of a grotesquely inappropriate sexual assault on a child

    A grossly inappropriate sexual assault on a child





    1. Degenerate? They have to improve their behaviour a great deal to reach that level. Sewage flows away as they near it.

  9. The conservative party will no doubt rally behind Crispin blunt mp for Reigate one of the safest seats in the blue map.
    Crispin x queens Hussars is old school tory and in the old days have been sent off to the Tropics or the Church of England to play out of the way.This is exactly how the Westminster paedophiles covered up the degenerates of the establishment.There’s somthing terrifying about the way depraved behaviour became mainstream establishment.

    1. Now that Klaus Schwab ‘n’ David Rockefeller have got Sir Kalamity Rodney as leader of Labour they don’t need the CoE or the tropics to give their degenerates cover, Joseph. They can be as predatory and vindictive as they like and the notional leader of Labour will put himself in co(n)vid isolation and give them a free-pass.

      1. On a wider scale, exactly what we are seeing from The West’s support for Ukrainian Nazis and the almost overnight blind hatred of Russians! The confiscation of art, property, belongings, attempt at Gold and Diamonds, the deliberate blinkers to the Nazi atrocities, to date, with a western MSM in total support in covering and misinforming, it is frightening!
        Have I got any takers on that dingy to Cuba yet? It’ll be bumpy and wet, but not impossible! :):):)

      2. nellyskelly – Or you could just get a flight to Cuba. At <£300rt it will probably work out cheaper than buying a dingy.

      3. A dingy is a lot cheaper, would you like to be so kind as to pay for a flight? It can’t be via the USA, though, I refuse to so much as enter their airspace. Probably, via Venezuela or Chile, would be safest?

      4. quertboi I like the Convid “….self explanatory.I am suprised that only Tom peck of the so called independent as picked up on the way the knight dissapears for a few days and returns maybe hes converted again and gone on the aptly named” retreats as Catholics do to pray and contemplate…The Buddhists here use meditation and the isolation of a mountain cave to reach a higher level of understanding especially now as its khmer New year and religion joins the locals in celebration.Most of the locals use Cambodia beer or Angkor beer to reach that level of understanding.or so they tell fifty cents a beer or a bottle of rice wine to blow your head off at a few cents a bottle.That caption on here a few months ago with his knightship swigging out the bottle and meditating at a party that wasnt a party is clearly just a form of religious observance of the great holy man at prayer with like minded collegues…bless em?

    2. Spot on joseph.

      Only last week we were told how brave some fat toerag MP was for declaring/he/she/it was trans or gender dysphoric or what have ya.

      And how ‘horrible’ it was they the allowed themselves to meet up with someone they’d only just met met online; explicitly for the purpose of seeking sexual gratification – and how it was then compaining it had been‘raped” (still an allegation)

      No matter that the warnings of online sexual predators have been brought to everyone’s attention multiple times … It still went out looking for it.

      They get nothing but contempt from me.

    3. ‘This is exactly how the Westminster paedophiles covered up the degenerates of the establishment.’

      unless you’re sir roger of course.

      1. We must never stop hounding them. Hunt the perverts to the lip of the grave and beyond. Since retiring I have made it my last job. Expose them, smash this ‘ the Krays never did any harm’ shit. Burn the clubs, grind the pompous opinionated choir boy lusting Oscar Wilde tribute acts in the dirt. Know who I mean?

  10. We have a disastrous conundrum, in the UK and Western World, a dangerous embarrassment excuse of a PM and a dangerous embarrassment excuse of an “opposition” leader! However, both of their possible replacements are an even greater threat and embarrassment to the British People!
    What to do!? Oh, what to do!? Reagan/Thatcher’s Flavour of Neoliberalism on Steroids! Capitalism is about to eat itself!

  11. We are screaming about Parties at Number 10, while we were in Lockdown, which is shit, and he is a Twunt for it, 2 buts,
    …but, JFC does anyone think that out of 68 Million People, there were no parties going on EVERYWHERE!?
    …but while we are screaming about parties, while the Western Governments, MSM and MSSM are Normalising Nazi Hatred towards Russians and acting like one giant, cross Atlantic. Nazi Party with the Propaganda to match!
    What makes it all the more worse is that we have NO Alternatives, if there are Alternatives they are Further Right and a Far Worse Option!
    Perhaps we should care less about parties and far more about the Normalisation of Nazism and no HOPE of Change! Yes, the lies in Parliament needed to be dealt with, but I think that using the Official Security Cameras installed in Nr10 to nail the PM for hosting parties has opened up a huge nasty pandoras box of possibilities of what can be used in criminal/framed cases!
    Most of us lead average human lives, dull and mundane and nothing to hide. However, I am sure none of us want to invite the law into our front rooms, many have security cameras and most have devices with cameras, all hackable and now open for use/abuse in criminal cases.

  12. Johnson should resign and the Tories just drop in someone else to take over rather than this abhorrence at being unprepared and not having anyone suitable lined up – none of them rock my boat but the matter is one of principle – they have a leader proven to have lied to the House and this is not something to be glossed over because the timing is inconvenient.

  13. Off topic:

    Whether or not you agree with Novara Media’s political commentary, this short video perfectly exposes Starmer’s hypocrisy over the Amnesty International report confirming that Israel is an apartheid state.

    Starmer’s GROTESQUE Hypocrisy On Palestine

    1. I agree with Novara media completely, it is one of the few honest news sites that investigate in a correct manner. They are not averse to having people on with diverse views. MSM is a disgrace including the BBC which diverts and trivialises (by omission). I had the mistake of watching ITV’s Good morning Britain hosted by the detestable Madley, he was “interviewing” a climate change activist, he kept questioning her about the disruption caused by her protest, which is a typical “Murdoch” approach to news, deflect from the very important issues with trivia.

      1. Should have asked the sod his views on punishment for rich thieves. Enough of these smarmy hypocrites and their lax attitudes to common law. The man’s a thief, a smug, self-opinionated robber with a posh accent and a vain missus but he’s a thief. How long was he hoisting champers until he got pinched? What did he bleat out as his excuse for trying to not pay like ordinary mug punters, PTSD?

  14. Number 10 Downing Street, the most heavily policed building in the UK & many months after the events Police are only now issuing ‘on the spot’ fines? Que pasa? Why would any opposition want to get rid of Bojo the Clown, if you can’t beat him who can you beat?

    1. ‘Why would any opposition want to get rid of Bojo’

      yes, there’s only one party that ‘threatens’ and it needs time to restructure, top up the bank, groom the reps and secretly smirk at every disaster in the tut-tut years. it won’t be boris next time around and all his sins will disappear with him.

  15. I heard one Conservative MP the other day say that Johnson needs to stay on now because of the war in Ukraine.

    This would mean a massive conflict of interest: Bringing the war to an end would thus end his premiership.

    And so he would have every incentive to keep it going as long as he can.

  16. These bastards are committed, all the way to Beijing. This will not end well for neo liberalism, imperialism.

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