Exclusive: Labour cuts off suspended members from mental health support

Party’s notices of investigation and suspension now point only to web address for support – but suspended members can’t access it

Labour’s abuse of its members has reached new depths – with the party putting details of mental health support resources out of reach of members it suspends, at the same time as it puts them under severe mental stress.

Letters to members suspended used to say:

The Party would like to make clear that there is support available to you while this matter is being investigated. There are a number of organisations available who can offer support for your wellbeing:

• You can contact your GP who can help you access support for your mental health and wellbeing.
• The Samaritans are available 24/7 – They offer a safe place for anyone to talk any time they like, in their own way – about whatever’s getting to them. Telephone 116 123.
• Citizens Advice – Provide free, confidential and impartial advice. Their goal is to help everyone find a way forward, whatever problem they face. People go to the Citizens Advice Bureau with all sorts of issues. They may have money, benefit, housing or employment problems. They may be facing a crisis, or just considering their options. https://www.citizensadvice.org.uk/
• If you have questions about the investigation process please contact the Complaints Team, whose details are included in this letter.

This trite and dismissive advice was bad enough. But notices now being sent to victims of the party’s purge instead include only a link to a page on Labour’s website:

You can find details of organisations who can offer support for your health and wellbeing at https://labour.org.uk/safeguarding/resource-hub/. Use the on page navigation to go to the ‘Who to contact”

But any member suspended who tries to access that page finds that they are banned from accessing it. On attempting to navigate to it, they see only a notice informing them they’re not allowed in:

But this ban is not a blanket one on accessing all parts of the site. Labour’s notifications now also warn Southside’s victims that they can face further disciplinary action if they tell anyone – other than those organisations whose names they’re no longer allowed to access – about the action being taken against them:

You can find more information about your rights and responsibilities with respect to the confidentiality of the investigation at https://labour.org.uk/members/my-welfare/my-rights-and- responsibilities/labours-confidentiality-and-privacy-policy/.

If you fail to do so, the Party reserves the right to take action to protect confidentiality, and you may be liable to disciplinary action for breach of the Rules.

That page is open to anyone, including suspended members or even members of the public.

Labour, in short, has denied access to mental health support to those David Evans and co are targeting in their discriminatory purge – but is allowing access to the parts that threaten them further. The number of victims affected continues to mount and those denied access to help have included members with recognised mental health issues, including post-traumatic stress disorder.

One of the party’s pledges on mental health was to guarantee access to mental health treatment within a month, after the Tories’ cuts inflicted terrible suffering on people with mental health issues. Now Labour is inflicting further distressand denying access to resources to help.

Data last year from inside the party showed that a number of deaths and attempted suicides had already followed suspensions and expulsions.

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  1. Does this really surprise anybody ? Even after the tragedy the Sargent family suffered the party has learned nothing. Disgraceful.

    1. Saddened but not really surprised and it is worth remembering that the sad suicide of Carl Sargent occurred under the former Welsh labour leader (the centrist blairite) Carwyn Jones.

      1. Yes Richard I know that Carwyn Jones was the leader who suspended Carl Sargent. I can only guess at the despair a decent and dedicated member like Carl must have felt when this happened. I referred to his tragic death because I think it was this which caused the party to offer mental health support in the first place. Now they are withdrawing it even though there may be others out there who are plunged into despair when they receive notices which are now being sent out by the bucket load. The leadership just doesn’t care about the effect their actions have on members who are fragile or depressed. This latest action tells you all you need to know about Labours callous indifference for the welfare of vulnerable members.

  2. Well smartboy certainly not me and most of the Labour party membership who didnt vote for this meltdown mayham.IT sounds like the actions of a child thats got into a tantrum and starts throwing out the toys.Maybe Evans and Sir special K need to seek mental health services in house because its beggining to look like they are “distressed” and may be suffering from self inflicted PTSD which they are responsible for serving up in good measure with a Witchunt across the whole Labour network which only seeks to boost the conservative and unionist party in alleged Government.

  3. To say the labour party is at the level of a sewer would imply that it is climbing up from the level it is at.

    The party still has a duty of care to those suspended or under investigation but seem to be abdicating from its responsibilities by this reckless action.

    I stand in solidarity with all those going through issues of mental health.

  4. Off topic but a very worrying article in the “canary regarding the tory support meaning taxpayers money for Britain’s biggest bio mass producer in N Yorkshire that burns trees,a little bit like the ever increasing and popular log burning stove that we were told many years ago was far cleaner and greener than burning coal.I must admit that I was one of those log burning stove fanatics and I have burned Tons and tons of logs along with waste at my small farmhouse in Normandy France.I even had the barn kitted out with an electric log chopper and stacks or kips as they say in France.Instinctively I knew there must be something wrong with the green energy advice just lo looking at the way I had to replace the cast iron stove pipe off the top of the cosy log fire 🔥 every four years because it corroded from acid attack.Anyway thats somthing in the past and I never need worry about being cold again here were the temp rarly drops below mid twenties even just before dawn.But all of us need to worry about a biomass producer that lives and prospers off Tory support and probably contributes more than any other company to the pollution of the UK off of our hard earned money.

    1. Is this the Drax power station that imports millions of tons of wood pellets to burn to produce electricity but is not classed as producing green house gasses? It used to burn coal from the Yorkshire coalfields that give 40 times more heat than wood for the same amount of emissions but far better it appears for us to turn our backs on traditional industries and destroy social structures while subsidising foreign suppliers. Thank you for mentioning this Joseph.

      1. Plain citizen I noted that it was also mentioned in RT and was covered in depth of the twisted turns and manoeuvring of Drax.Even the name sounds sinister.But my point was that they are importing Poision much of this produced from “arsnic impregnated wood from abroad.The mining industry was well and truly destroyed and from my limited knowledge of mining that my granfather imparted to me Its extremely difficult to re start flooded mines or gas filled mines all now suffering from errosion of the land and sub strata over the years since the Thatcher revolution..This is a Tory government that couldn’t give a toss about the health of the working-class especially in areas in the North and Wales.so I suppose we have just carry on giving Drax welfare benefits without the curtain twitching whilst you are smothered in Toxic waste and fumes….?

      2. Smarboy…just a thought on your nasty campaign that started a few weeks ago.I have ONLY replied to your attacks after the event.So STOP kicking the dog 🐕 and you wont get bitten.I was sad 😢 when you started on signpost and I couldn’t understand why you would attack for no good reason anyone who bats in the same team (left)..Now its me.The difference is I am older and battle scarred literally and have dealt with real nasty vicious thugs in my time as a activist of the left wing.You are a minor irritation but again for your mental health problems seek advice from the Labour party and stop kicking the dog.and you wont have to bleat poor me…pathetic and I did expect better from such a intelligent person than sniping from yourself.

    2. Joseph Why did you and Plain Citizen go off topic in the middle of a serious thread about the potentially devastating effects the withdrawal of mental health support may have on suspended members? Perhaps you could please explain your reasons.

      1. What’s the punishment due for this infraction?

      2. Smarboy I didnt realise that you are moderating I think I explained why I went off topic and your stalking me for the trans community isnt going anywhere you naughty little boy 👦

      3. Joseph
        For your information ( not that’s its any of your business) – I’m neither Trans nor Gay. I just believe we are all equal and its wrong to mock or degrade people who are different from ourselves. But you know this and the Trans issue is just one of the deflection tactics you use to hide your trolling of the Left.
        You constantly claim to be a Socialist while criticising Socialists. This thread is about the party totally disregarding the needs of vulnerable people whom they suspend. This is indefensible so in order to deflect attention from this appalling scandal and the Right Wing’s role in it , you and your fellow Right Wing Troll Plain Citizen try to start another thread about a totally unrelated issue. As I said before you don’t fool me so be as insulting as you like – it won’t bother me because I have you sussed.

  5. What would berger have said, had she still been the clique’s mental health spokeswoman? 🤔

    I think we know the answer to that…

    Without intending to sound heartless, I genuinely fail to see the attraction of wanting to remain a member of that cabal who dole out smears and persecute anyone who reminds them they’re there to serve the common good instead of themselves.

    They are NOT INTERESTED in your health, they only want to leech off you until you have outlived your usefulness, that is when you start asking for a bit of bang for your buck.

    Seriously, you’re best off saving yourselves the anguish by getting out before they kick you out for trying to do the right thing.

    I see no sense in actually paying to leave yourself open to all sorts of abuse, nevermind actually wanting to hang around for more of the same.

    For me, that ‘parry’ has become an embarrassment, where proven liars are welcomed back into the fray with open arms and standing ovations, while the victims of the lies are cast aside and ridiculed… And denied access to mental health support by their tormentors.

    In essence, I feel so much better I’m not part of it, nor would I want any part of it.

    1. The Toffee (597), I completely agree with everything you have said in your comment.

  6. As the party sinks deeper and deeper into oblivion. They now can’t even be bothered to pretend to be looking after members accused of whatever they can falsely think up. I didn’t even realise there’s data of deaths and attempted suicides held by them.

    I actually thought soon there’s going to be an almighty scandal of members whose mental health has been affected by the actions of a bunch of vicious bastards who control the disciplinary procedures. With MSM unable to ignore this travesty.and them eventually being forced to cover the story. In the process the party would be held to account. Yet I somehow forgot about Carl Sargeant.

    As horrible as it may sound, it would not surprise me if those obsessed with riding the party of the left see this as some sort of an achievement to be celebrated. As we all know there’s many a sick individuals in the party.

    1. Why would anyone left (both meanings) give the S.S any information about their personal health. Is there the remotest opportunity for data misuse?

  7. I’m afraid only basic language gets close to describing this load of shits

  8. I thought they now claimed that members under a disciplinary were
    free to talk about it with a few restrictions? That was a result of a
    Court case by JVL :

    “Labour Activists 4 Justice ”

    where the members under suspension did NOT receive justice
    but there were some victories on the way.

    Needless to say I absolutely support the main subject of the article –
    and I fear that the sad death of Carl Sargent appears to been “forgotten”
    by the Labour Party.

    Those who have been subject to a roughing up by the Labour Party
    have appeared on videos during online talks. When watching these it
    is obvious what stress they are under.

  9. Do they even want a membership?

    Evans famously said, “representative democracy should as far as possible be abolished in the Party” and he appears to be making good on those anti-democratic views.

    CLPs have seen their power to hold MPs democratically accountable diminished with conference putting the ‘trigger ballot’ threshold all but out of reach. There have been no concurrent moves to democratise candidate selection – as Starmer promised – i.e., UK primaries – something even the US takes for granted. We’re stuck with this lousy state of affairs, that pretty much ‘locks in’ unrepresentative safe seat Blairite MPs for life, barring a political earthquake.

    Our Westminster so-called democracy is rotten to the core. If we can’t have proportional representation making setting up new , more representative parties viable, then at the very minimum we need primaries(open selection).

  10. “As the party sinks deeper and deeper into oblivion.”
    Indeed !

    Andy makes the point that the likes of Evans do not want a membership.
    They want us to be like the Toe-Rags, where the Dear Leader calls the shots and the membership pay their money and flag-wave for the Dear Leader.

    It is a model of creeping fascism.

  11. I know that Mental health is not exactly on fire with just twenty comments on here and most coming from the same people,but before going to bed I read the front page of the Huffington post asking “Why are people suffering problems with assessing mental health services” Quite a number of interesting personal storys of the very real problem for treatment in the UK. IT would seem that restriction of Mental health services is not just a problem for the Labour party but unfortunately its spreading.More the reason for Labour to open the doors to members and former members whos conditions must have been escalated by a fit up “or attack from southside going south..Maybe the Huffington post knights fan club need to be dropped a line that its not just the NHS but the Labour party leading once again with restrictive practices.Good night comrades.!

  12. “Suspended”.

    Do suspended members still pay membership dues? If so, removing their ‘access’ to any feature of membership must surely be contentious at the least, and probably wrong.

    Given the “forensic” anti-leader’s legal training, he must know this, and whether it contravenes some exalted sale-of-goods- and/or-services-act principle.

    Maybe not though. He is -after all – an emotional retard. Maybe he’s just not a good lawyer either

    1. Unless something has recently changed, members under investigation have to continue to pay their subs or they are considered to have left the party. Many do this in the hope that they can exonerate themselves from the despicable charges they are accused of. They are required not to talk about their suspension, but they cannot participate in party meetings or crucially any votes. If there is a NEC vote, leadership or any ballot that may help the left, just prior to the vote, members are then given their marching orders.

      On my journey, I’ve met people who were suspended for up to four years, without any action to formally discipline them, expel or unsuspend them or given any due diligence, until it’s too late and convenient for the right. They are then just given notice that they are dumped.

      I’m not sure anything much has changed, except since the 2019 conference voted to fast track expulsions, the process is quicker.


      1. Horrifying. This is an eye-opener.

        Is there a public record of “suspended” members anywhere? I’m asking to understand how visible the issue is. Is there any way we can see how many people are suspended at any particular time and for why?

  13. From qwertboi

    “Do suspended members still pay membership dues? If so, removing their ‘access’ to any feature of membership must surely be contentious at the least, and probably wrong.”

    Well Starmer has broken so many laws what is one more or less in the total ?

  14. Yes on World Mental Health Day when we are all encouraged to ask someone we know if they are ok?
    When I was in Labour a number of us complained about a Right Wing (Anti-Corbyn) member in our region when he called a famous Jewish actress “Labour’s house trained Jew.”
    We were told there was no case to answer, imagine if it had been a Leftie (though I very much doubt socialists wouldn’t have said such a thing).
    One wonders if for Left members it is guilty until not proven guilty?

  15. Wanted to make a proper comment earlier, but saw my son for the day. I worry for him and his future.

    Anyways, I’ve mulled this over all day and it’s probably the biggest signal yet from labour that they don’t give a fuck about you.

    For those suffering, seek help. Please.

    And because of them.not giving one, I’ve had Phat Bollards Millionaire playing through my mind. Homeless folk band. Very good.

    I don’t give to the Big Issue Seller
    ‘Cause he’s probably on heroin
    I walk past him with a grin
    And if I can, I kick his dog.
    No I don’t give to the busker
    He’s talentless and lazy
    He’s ruining the country
    I think he should get a job.
    Instead I give my money to
    Walmart, for its tax evasion
    Primark, for its child labour
    Texaco for the next invasion
    Don’t give a fuck about you

    Give my money to the millionaires
    Give my money to the millionaires
    Give all my money to the millionaires
    And I don’t give a fuck about you

    No, I don’t give to the beggar
    That’s what I pay my taxes for
    The government should shove him through the door
    Of a prison cell, or a hospital.
    I don’t give to the homeless pisshead
    He’ll blow it all on booze instead
    Such a waster doesn’t deserve a bed
    What do you mean welfare is dead?
    Because I give my money to
    Walmart, for its tax evasion
    Primark, for its child labour
    Texaco for the next invasion
    Don’t give a fuck about you

    Give my money to the millionaires
    Give my money to the millionaires
    Give all my money to the millionaires
    And I don’t give a fuck about you

    Give my money to
    Starbucks, in case they get hard up
    BP, ’cause making living ain’t easy
    Barclays, do they look after me?
    And I don’t give a fuck about you

    Give my money to the millionaires
    Give my money to the millionaires
    Give all my money to the millionaires
    And I don’t give a fuck about you

    1. Firstly, I hope you and you son are okay NVLA.

      Second, I agree with you, Phat Bollard are a brilliant band and I have some of their CDs.

      1. Thank you Richard. I’m okay and in that respect, so is the lad. Its the future I worry about and not just for my son.

        Saw Phat Bollard in Sidmouth a few years ago and have loved them ever since. Good band and thoughtful lyrics.

        Stay safe.

    2. NVLA…The Words are Simple ,but the issue is clear unadulterated selfish greed…Thats what motivates Sir Keir Starmer.Words are Poetry and frees the mind but unfortunately some spit on them and turn away. Look after yourself and your son.The NHS will survive..!even under these people.ITs a new day and hope is external.

  16. A new universal login, and this:

    Top Tip: Remember to use the email address that’s on your membership record.

    Why do even these changes seem possibly sinister?

    The Labour Party hired a former Israeli spy Assaf Kaplan in a move that should & would be seen as deeply troubling, if we had anything resembling a free press in the UK. He worked in notorious cyber unit that surveils and extorts Palestinians. Having someone like that manage Labour’s social media operations is obviously problematic. Would it surprise anyone to learn they’re going after anyone posting anti-Keith stuff via pseudononymous accounts? The Labour party is probably operating more like a mini GCHQ, protecting their dear leader,’Special K’,(oh forgot, he lied about that too). And of course, gathering data on members to purge leftists.

    Israelis created the most pervasive web tracking targeted advertising companies on the modern internet, Outbrain, founded by Yaron Galai and Ori Lahav, who were both officers in the Israeli Navy. The growth of persistent cookies, targeted ads is a deeply unwelcome development.

    And FYI. I’m not a LP member nor would I want to be with these RW authoritarian control freaks running the show.

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