Tories refuse to comment on #fakenews tweet – and won’t say why it’s still up

As the SKWAWKBOX showed yesterday, the Tories are resorting to outright fake news in their desperation to undermine a rampant Labour Party and its outstanding manifesto – and rather than retract and apologise, they are now flailing around looking for any justification for their false claim.

They have used images without permission – the latter earning them a ruthless and highly amusing smack-down by the creator of the image in question – and have even scraped the barrel-bottom of quoting Guido Fawkes:

As part of the preparation for the original article, the SKWAWKBOX contacted CCHQ early on Monday to ask why the Tories were resorting to fake news – and were told we’re receive a comment shortly.

We waited.

We chased.

We waited.

We chased again.

We waited some more…

Finally, more than twenty-four hours after the initial request, the SKWAWKBOX received the Tories’ response:

We won’t be commenting.

So this blog responded with a follow-up question:

tory fake news

Many hours later, no response to that one either.

The Tories seem to find it a struggle to respond to press questions at the moment – maybe their Cabinet isn’t the only place in chaos. As noted above, however, they don’t seem to have any slowness in trying to justify their original fake news with, well, more fake news.

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  1. hi swakrbox – i’ve sent this to the guardian, BBCR4 news & to Channel 4.Personally, i think this is serious – especially that Marr yesterday repeated the false news & the Ed Oppo did in parliament. I hope that’s ok with you. I hope you also send it far & wide MSM need to take this up.

  2. It’s a bit ironic that the MSM (large sections of it unregulated) are being alerted to examples of #FakeNews, having filled their channels and their printed output for 3 months last year.

    We can all remember them reporting on the hideously fake #Brickgate and the bogus charges of bullying, intimidation and ‘homophobia’ against members of Wallasey CLP who remain suspended a year later.

    Is it inconvenient now for these ‘news bringers’ to report that #brickgate was after all false, and that Angela Eagle’s charges were dreamt up?

    Would doing so make them look like complicit fools?

    None of this garbage has been retracted by either the BBC or the 12 plus national newspapers who ran LARGE with it.

    I’m no Tory, and I’m no right wing “Labourite” but what I’m juxtaposing here is a #FakeNews TWEET versus a #FakeNews SUMMER.

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