The SKWAWKBOX breaks its record – thanks for your help

Thanks to its readers, the SKWAWKBOX is hitting new heights. This blog’s previous record for visits to its pages was set in March at almost 282,000 – an undreamed-of figure when this blog was first set up – but we were confident that would be beaten in April. We just didn’t realise by how much.

Yesterday, the number reached 400,000 – and then breezed past it to finish April on almost 448,000.

The SKWAWKBOX is getting noticed/ruffling feathers in high places. As mentioned last week, a major mainstream publication is preparing an article on ‘new left media’ in which the blog features prominently because ‘it’s the one every MP mentions’.

And just yesterday, former new Labour head of press and broadcasting name-checked the blog during an anti-Corbyn rant:

jolyon green.png

Although the prize for best response in that thread definitely has to go to Chris Cavanagh:


The blog is getting up the noses of the right people. So thank you for your support, information, leads, retweets, Facebook shares and encouragement that are so vital and appreciated.

Oh, and before someone tries to label the site ‘clickbait’ because we’re happy it’s being more widely read, please have a look around the page. You’ll notice there are no ads. Ads and ad revenue define clickbait – but some right-wingers struggle with the concept.

This blog does not make any advertising revenue, it depends entirely on the generosity of its readers (and lots of coffee).

The information is the thing – getting good information and getting it known, so the more people hear about and read it, the better.

The SKWAWKBOX is provided free of charge but depends on the generosity of its readers to be viable. If you found this information helpful and can afford to, please do click here to arrange a one-off or modest monthly donation via PayPal. Thanks for your support so this blog can keep bringing you information the Establishment would prefer you not to know about.

17 responses to “The SKWAWKBOX breaks its record – thanks for your help

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  2. Well done! Reliable information has become increasingly difficult to come by these days across the internet – the Sqwawkbox is a nice little oasis of truth in that particular desert.

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  3. Well you are good and on the right track. And I will supoprt you as much as I can by spreading the word!
    Havebeens like Blair and this Green are really getting on my nerves. I wish they disappear back into the sewer they came out of. And this statement of ‘replacing’ ….. sounds to me, people like him do not realise that a leader is democratically elected, not someone put into a position.

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  4. Very well done – you came out well ahead of Vox Political this month – although in my defence I’ve spent most of April out campaigning to be a Powys county councillor in the election on Thursday.
    After that, I’ll be heavily involved in the General Election campaign, so keep flying the flag!

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  6. I’m not rich far from it, in receipt of ESA and PIP but I was more than happy to support the blog with a tenner after all I pay much more to access the Propaganda machine that is the BBC. Carry on the good work for the many not the few.

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  8. Your popularity is well-deserved; you give the alternative view of our political situation almost impossible to find elsewhere. I am so grateful to have found you.
    In case you wonder why I don’t respond for the next for two weeks from next Saturday (6th), it’s because my husband and I take our annual hols in Cornwall and I have a complete break from all campaigning. Frankly, at seventy seven years of age, and recovering from recent surgery for breast cancer, I need that.


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