Just call me Grandpa

Welcome to the world, Imogen Sarah, my brand-new and first-ever grandchild, weighing in at a sporting 5lb 13oz, via emergency c-section!


Mum and baby tired but doing well. Congrats to proud hubby and dad, too.

Immy, you arrived safely thanks to the NHS that this government is trying to pull down, via ‘special delivery’ because the cord had wrapped round your neck. There are a lot of people walking around choked by a weight around their necks because the government doesn’t value them like you are valued and everyone should be.

I will do everything I can to look after you and your future brothers, sisters, cousins – and I’m more determined than ever to do whatever is possible to make sure that this country never again has a Tory, or even Tory-led, government, since that will massively improve your chances of growing up strong and happy in a country where everyone is seen to have worth and is treated like it.


Just call me Grandpa.. 🙂


40 responses to “Just call me Grandpa

  1. Wonderful news! She is a lucky little girl to have someone like you in her corner. Congratulations Steve! !


  2. Congratulations to you and your family!

    I hope this doesn’t object to links. But on reading this, I couldn’t help but think of this wonderful clip from West Wing:

    And this government have pissed off a LOT of grandparents.


  3. Very many congratulations. Our grandchildren make us want to fight on for them, and their futures.


  4. Many many many congratulations Grandpa, she’s a beautiful baby and will always be kept safe because you are the Grandpa to do it. xxxx


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  6. As long as there are people like you Steve our grandchildren will have at least some chance. Many congratulations to you and your family. I’m sure a little Imogen will one day be very proud of her Grandpa. xxx


  7. Beauty, innocence, new life – wonderful. I sense further energy to your not inconsiderable hob-nailed boot. If certain policy-making decisions had gone in a different direction over the last 20-30 years we could have had a country fit for you little grand-daughter. BUT it’s never too late – shall we say 18 years to turn it all around?


  8. aww! congratulations Steve or should we call you Grandpa from now on.. she is a lucky little girl having you to watch over her and her future, my best wishes to her parents as well xxx


  9. How lovely to have some good news and a good story about the NHS. She IS beautiful and you deserve all the joy that will be coming your way. Keep up the good work, Steve – Imogen Sarah and the rest of us are depending on you!!


  10. Congratulations Steve. Best wishes to all your family and a big welcome to baby Imogen. I join your hope that she will grow up to be healthy, happy and strong in a world where individuals are valued and celebrated xx


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